Beekeeping 101: Coming Soon!

Course Overview:

This course has been created for anyone interested in beekeeping. It’s the perfect starter course for you to gain the basics necessary to start this hobby or even a new career for yourself.


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Course details:

Beekeeping can be an exciting and rewarding hobby or even career. If you’re interested in starting your own backyard hive or just curious as to what beekeeping involves, we have you covered with our online course. This course has been created for the beginner, so no prerequisites or prior knowledge necessary.

This course is designed for self-directed learning and will be broken into the following sections:

  • The lifecycle and anatomy of bees
  • The different roles of bees in a hive
  • Choosing and preparing a beehive
  • Choosing the appropriate beekeeping gear
  • How to use a smoker
  • Installing a package (nucleus) of bees
  • Performing a beehive inspection
  • How, why, and when to feed bees
  • Accurate record keeping


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